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Forest Hill Organics | Benefits

  • Organic Pine Bark mulch sourced from local resources
  • Our mulch is offered in many grades from fresh bark to fine compost
  • Wholesale and Retail sales, delivered or picked up at our processing facility
  • The equipment and manpower necessary for a sustained commercial operation
  • Self sustaining, Louisiana owned and operated

Forest Hill Organics processes and offers organic mulches, primarily Pine Bark. It is readily available in the Central Louisiana area, processes well and is very suitable for plant growth. Hardwood mulch is also a suitable mulch however its instability of the PH poses some problems when not managed but makes an excellent top dress for flower beds.

We are wholesale and retail and deal in bulk at our facility, pickups and trailers are welcome. We can supply from 1 cubic yard to 80 cubic yards.

We are a self sustaining Louisiana owned and operated facility and have all the equipment and man power necessary for daily operation and are able to supply our customers with a quality material and service anywhere in our great state of Louisiana.